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    Hey there. I am helping a friend to sell his car to a good price. He wants to buy a new car so he needs to sell his old car to purchase a new one. We are from Larnaca, Cyprus and we really need your suggestion/s. Thanks in advance.:incheek:
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    might be best to buy any planned purchases that include VAT, as analists say VAT will rise to 19% or 20% soon to help pay for the debt crisis.
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Must be a '50 motor, ideally standard bore, for rebuild! Collect anywhere including Europe. Please PM me or call 07973 400245 Cheers, Stew
  4. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    1963 morris minor superbly built with v8 and five speed,custom frame ,custom front independant suspension with disc brakes and rack and pinion steering,narrowed IRS with locking diff, propshaft handbrake, rover v8 with ,cam,headwork,headers,edelbrock 500cfm 4 barrel, offy intake,dual stainless...
  5. On Topic
    A customer asked us to quote him for returning his x pack v8 capri (ex3.0s) to the road ,he sadly sold it on piston heads for £500 ,some on here buy it ?
  6. The Showroom
    here we have my daimler ds420 hearse.bought it back end of the summer and had a blast with it.since these pics were taken i have converted it to a 5 seat limo all trimmed in black velvet including the headliner and drapes,i also constructed a coffin drinks cabinet.lent it to hubby to take to...
  7. Chat
    Evening all... Ian & Anne here. We've just bought a 27T rod , rover 3.5 It needs a good tidy up and a few bits etc... Apart from at the shows - where can you go to look at all the bits and bobs that are so tempting on the show stands? Can anybody help? - we are leicestershire based Regards Ian &...
  8. Chat
    This has just a couple of hours left and might end up being a good buy for someone
  9. Chat
    So leading on from the Rods going overseas topic, if you could afford it, say a big Lotto win, what would you buy money no object, me would have to be a steel 32 Hot Rod traditional build.
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  11. Chat
    Afternoon. Friend of mine is looking to buy a new shape Mustang but does not seem to be having much luck so far. Anyone got any recommendations or point him in the right direction? He is looking for a V8, Manual convertible, preferably black and has about £20K to spend. Thanks, P.:D
1-11 of 12 Results