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    Ford Econoline XL Tioga design by Fleetwood 7l diesel engine, with generator and air con It needs a bit of TLC, but hoping to get it sorted for the end of this year :eek: The interior is a little out of place, so if anyone has one of these we would be interested in seeing photos of the...
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    As the title says....... which sites do you use if buying a used vehicle. ? ( i bought a very good ringer 6 years ago and had it taken back ) HPi was useless as wasnt the vehicle it preported to be.
  3. On Topic
    I'm very out of touch these days having not bought anything in the past 17 years or so , I used to get stuff sent over all the time in the old days :eek: is it still easy , cheapish etc ? ?
  4. On Topic
    A friend of mine is always saying that its better to buy rather than build. Each to there own I say. My question to all is this. IF you were buying in from the US would you prefer to buy from a classified add or would you be better off attending one of the major US Goodguys/NNSRA shows where in...
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    if i buy something from the usa what is the customs charge Is it the vat rate on top and when do you pay it, before it gets posted to you or after.
  6. Tech Discussion
    .......for the time when a hammer just won't do:incheek: The not so joyous task of pulling (pushing?) the top and bottom balljoints out. Need a kit sharpish, any recommendations? The halfords/machinemart kit just ain't quite man enough for the job!
1-6 of 6 Results