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    This story was doing the rounds a little while ago but for anybody who hasn't seen it ... You see a lot of dubious low mileage cars these days given the "survivor" tag but I think this '50 Chevy Coupe is definitely worthy of it ... sold for $60k at Barrett Jackson in January . Full story...
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    I just had a call from a Charity asking me to donate some of my clothes to the starving people throughout the world. I told them to F off!! Anybody who fits into my clothes isn't starving!!
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    Ive got a problem with a mouse .................... yes im on about my computer mouse :pmsl:
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    nice truck,nice job ...............until some:wanker: forgot the park brake:sniff:
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    Very close this was. I noticed many people were waving the driver down. Rather negatively, I can't help but think in the UK people would just stare and not take action. On the tube people seem to not give a damn about anything other than...
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    so whos going to hemsby ...........toad:D
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    I dont know if this has already been posted? worth a look if not. Full story here
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    We sail at sunset on Sunday... Who's going?
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    Yup team we is runnin the Artshow at Billing again this year.....this is just a last reminder.....if you have said your gona bring stuff to exhibit then we are gona be at Billing some time Friday morning.....we will be on the far side of the show field under the NSRA gazebo looking pensive just...
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    OK fellow wags, here's a bit of fun.Tell us 2 or 3 interesting/little known facts bout your self and we'll all decide if they are TRUE or FALSE. Dont worry if it all becomes a bit of a mess we'll get in Arthur Marshell and PPPatrick Campbell to sort it out (there's 2 fer the teenagers)....right...
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    Who's driving, who's flying... I shall be in the 54 Caddy convertible...
1-12 of 12 Results