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    I borrowed a bit of kit the other year, it was a battery operated 'buzz gun' that screwed 'self tapping' bolts, with a kinda seal under the head, into steel... I am looking to get hold of some more of the said self tappers... I thought that they were rivnuts, but they are threaded inserts...
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    ok you lot i,m interested to see the comments on the dually rat rod, how do you see this type of vehicle, has it got a place in this country? do you see more as artistic expression? as ian roussel puts it "cartooning" personally i like them, but then my tastes are varied!! [but somewhat twisted...
  3. Chat
    Hi all, I am 53 now but when I was 19 I built a Minor van, Fords V6, red with flames, running quite high. Was in Custom Car with a colour spread. Question. Does anyone know where it is? Or indeed remember it? Probalby doesnt exist any more but I am just wondering.. Thanks.
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    Perhaps an obvious question, but what do you call the metal rods (often chromed) which go from the grill to to bulkhead? Do they have a specific name?
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    some one asked me why a ford popular called a "sit up and beg"! didnt know th answer, so im asking you lot
  6. Chat
    I keep getting phonecalls on my landline from people I don't know about my old Pop. Someone called Nathan is giving my number out. Do I know you from here/NSRA forum or have you got my number off someone else? Not too keen on having my number handed out, would rather you let me know first please.
1-6 of 6 Results