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    You have a PM John... ;)
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    how do i convert a video in .vob.?? format to something youtube doesnt need 5 weeks to upload...??:beuj:?? ta in advance..
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    Hi guys, are there any ROADENTS members on here? or if anyone knows one can they please get intouch with me as i need to find out something.cheers guys....toad:pmsl:
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    After reading the thread about area meets, I thought it would be good to bet people in the Peterborough and surrounding areas to meet up. I was looking at possibly a monthly or weekly meet depending on replies. Firstly:- Who would be interested in this? Secondly:- Can anyone suggest a location...
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    Has anyone got a contact No. for the above? the phone number I got from the net doesn't work, thanking you in advance, nick
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    hillbilly hoodlum can't remember his password can you log him in and send him a password or email his password to him. Jack
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    I'm currently hunting down a jag front clip to install in a 50's pickup and have got all confused with what years and models are the ones to go for. I'd been looking for a Series 1 or 2 XJ6/12 or Daimler equivalent. I've now spoken to 2 breakers who say the Series 1 is different to the...
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    Kev, Exactly what the hell is that in your avatar picture! :shock::pmsl:
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    setting up a web site for wifey did this, this arvo ... ### link removed ... didn't mean to spam ! ### will obviously be improving it alot ! looking to get it up in the listings for general pet type searches. It's #1 if you search "petshoptoys" , but we want to be up there if you search for...
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    Lee Gallimore, or anyone who has his contact details, can you call me on 07778 904111 Thanks mate, Andy
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    That can't be you.............................. and not a 55 in sight........... Dave. ...................... Dave.
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    You have a PM ...........toad
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    Hi Si, You have PM Cheers. Russ.
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    hemi bucket to the batphone.......hi al can u pm me a contact number? ive got a guy willing to pick up the white steering wheel.:tup:
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    hi sqweaka,can you pm a contact number,as i am bringing the 27 body to the swap-meet instead of gary,cheers mate jerry.:happy:
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    Does anybody Have A Number for Jeff Lawrence (Essex) He called Me and i deleted Ans Message and his Number By Mistake! Or Maybe Just pass on Message and ask Him to call Again. Thanks. Roy.
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    Javed sent you a pm mate cheers Stuart
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    hi mate with a addtion of the shelf to the site i wanted to request if we can have a section for the tods or kids corner to encourage the young ones and the future of rodding. if you grant the request here are a couple to start the section of my sons toy:tup:
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    i have had an email from ladyx in admin saying i have a virus , also had a message from pussy , is there a virus going round roadrunna as it has ask me to click on to a site ,like iam going to do that
1-20 of 54 Results