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    Good morning everyone hope all is well. I am currently building a rover v8 for the road and im stuck on what camshaft to go with, I have a 4.0 block, 4.6 pistons, MSD Dizzy and 6al with Boost timing master, 4-71 supercharger with manifold mod and drive done by UK Blowers, Weber 9605S 0088 carb...
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    I built a Chrysler 440 with this mild street cam to go drag racing, but have now upgraded to a cam better suited to racing. This camshaft was not in the engine long and comes with the followers, all numbered for where they came from. Engine was run with high zinc oil. Comp Cams Grind XE256H-10...
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    Hi all. I recently had a full engine rebuild and on some poor advice purchase this cam kit. It's a great bit of kit but is more suited to someone interested in racing. Please see the attached link for the exact kits. Cost me around £900 18 month ago with shipping and tax I'm after £500 but...
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    270 / 276 @ 0.050" 106 LSA .625 / .625 gross lift Used, but low hours. Perfect condition. £150 ono.
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    Right then, I need to change the cam bearings in my 302 small block Ford and need some help. Has anybody got a universal camshaft insert / removal bearing tool they could lend me to do this one off job. Steve
  6. Tech Discussion
    Erm, My new cam came from the states today so with gusto I opened the box and it wasn't what I was expecting. The journals are polished but the lobes are black. I never had that before, normally all the lobes are polished as well. Is this normal? I've never seen one delivered like this before?
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    standard,new and unused,£35
1-7 of 7 Results