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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    we are after a 390 holley for our rover v8, also, rover p6 water pump pulley and crank pulley, 13inch drag slicks for a 6in wide wheel cheers in advance :tup:
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I bought this to use to run in my 440 mopar lump but plans have changed so its surplus to requirements now. it was taken off of a healthy running 460ci ford it was replaced by injection (only did a few thousand miles). it is the mechanical choke version details below as stated on the edelbrock...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Brand new, just grubby from sitting around, never had petrol in it or been started . Anton 07849 759339 Nr Portsmouth *Provisionally sold *
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    1959/1960 USED CARB FORA 390 V8. ON EBAY NOW: offers over 40 quid. please bid if interested. owes me more. read listing for info. postage will be 15 quid as its a heavy old carb. CHEERS. MK2MAN
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I was having a bit of a dig around the shed and found a Weber carb (45 DCOE) with a Mini inlet manifold which I got earlier in the year along with a job lot of parts. A carb and manifold same as this sold on ebay for £190 last week but i'm sick of Ebay but will lob it on there if no joy on here...
  6. Tech Discussion
    I am wondering which top I should use on the float chamber on my 1 1/4" SU. I have two. One has the overflow going to a outlet pipe, which I think would then have to go back to the fuel tank, and the other one I have has an inlet and the overflow just comes out the top. Which one is better...
  7. Tech Discussion
    Got myself a Weber 38 DGAS for the Cresta. It's a bit grubby but seems to be all there. What's the best way to clean it up? Is it worth forking out for an ultrasonic clean? Or will I get just as good results with a can of carb cleaner and a toothbrush? Cheers
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Advertised on behalf of a friend 4 x Radir 5 spoke veined wheels 8 x 15 Chevy polished £650.00 1 x 67/69 Camaro front clip with wishbones £400.00 1 super T10 manual box and shifter out of circuit racing corvette £750.00 1 Ansen late 60s/70s racing aluminium bell housing. All 4 speeds £165.00...
  9. Tech Discussion
    how do you id a holley carb ? do the numbers relate to cfm or ??? was going to buy a new offy but been offered a holley at silly money . need to know what im looking at before i buy it . to fit chevy 350 std form but might warm it slightly later if it helps or will i be better with an offy ...
  10. On Topic
    I noticed that after I stopped my car last night and came back about half hour later to cover the car up I could smell it was a bit fuely. So i check the carb over in case it was leaking and I could see throught the sight plug the fuel in the secondary chamber was bubbling away (but oddly not...
  11. Tech Discussion
    Young Dale has a problem with one of his Kadrons on his Vrod, does anyone know much about these carbs??? I had Dell's on mine, so Kads are a bit of an unknown to me...
  12. Stuff - WANTED
    hi cash waiting if anyone has one cheers graham
  13. Tech Discussion
    I've got a 3.3 Ventora motor to replace the 2.6 in my PB Cresta. I've also got a big valve ported and polished head and a six branch manifold. So how do I figure out what sort of carbs to get? I'm thinking twin Webers (I could get an inlet manifold made up). But would I need 40s or 45s or...
  14. Stuff - FOR SALE
    i have a few bits left over that i no longer need ; weiand tunnel ram has had a repair to the casting inside but is of good standard , £150 holley 600 , condition unknown . £60 noisey gear drive made by cat ( not a cheap one like you get on ebay ! ) brand new still in box with...
  15. Tech Discussion
    should all 4 butterflyies open when i rev the car,at the moment only 2 open,its running a bit rough when i stick my foot down,tick over is fine any advise please thanks its on a rv8
  16. Tech Discussion
    Does anyone now how to work out what jets/needle combo to use for a edelbrock performer 1405 on a 305 Chevy It feels like it bogs when the secondaries open, i know i have asked this before on a different forum and i was grateful for the advice but was too embarrassed to state that it went...
  17. Stuff - WANTED
    I am looking for 2 cal custom air scoops for 4bbl carbs regards Chris 01708 890524
  18. Stuff - WANTED
    oldsmobile/chevy around 1954 rochester 4bbl 4 jet carb wanted. need to stop swapping 1 carb between 2 engines lol!
  19. Stuff - WANTED
    HELP CARB NEEDED FOR Y BLOCK OR SMALL BLOCK FORD [email protected] or mob 07773184106
  20. Vehicles - WANTED
    i need a carb for a y block 2 bbl but would look at any other 2 bbl carb [email protected]