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  1. On Topic
    it was in classic car weekly around a month back,capri dealer and dragracer ran off with peoples money, police were hunting for him, pictures of his garage showed dragracing capri and rodded green chopped pop, did they catch him?
  2. Chat
    Coloured burnout tyres Can't say i've ever seen any here and most of the vids are a few years old.
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Well sort of - its actually a bog roll oil filter 'Oilpure Refiner'but a pretty neat old timey thang even has a maltese cross brand. woulda thought it'd be worth £65.00 Have a look:
  4. On Topic
    off sick today, so i thought i would do something useful with my time and post up some recent progress on the chevy. I wanted a shaved bootlid on the chevy, so decided on using a bonnet release catch as a remote means to open the boot I happened to have one in the shed:- the complete mechanism...
1-4 of 4 Results