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chevrolet pickup
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  1. History Archive
    Hello, i bought this car, i was wondering if anybody knows this car. or who did the restauration ? it was sold in 2010 this is the foto when we picked it up. (Dec. 2010) and this is how it now looks like (juli 2015) Thanks Allready !
  2. The Garage
    Hey all, its inevitable your going to get wet behind the ear newbs so here goes, ive jumped in at the deep end and recently brought back from usa a 1949 chevy 3600 3 quarter ton stepside pick up truck in complete original condition (battered) but totally stock, anyways ive got as far as taking...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Looking for either a wheel cylinder or a repair kit for the passenger side rear of a 1956 3100 Chevrolet Stepside pickup. It has a 1" bore. need it ASAP as the customer needs the truck back quickly and I can't find any here in the UK. Could take new rear brake shoes as well, 11" drum x 1 3/4"...
1-3 of 3 Results