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  1. Vehicles - WANTED
    :Wanted- 32, 3 window prefered,ford. 50s style,oldskool built style, no billeted mega blown shiny streetrod. Anything tatty and in need of tidying but basically finished construction wise, and usable as is. prefer chevy sb but would accept rover motored rod. Just sold one very similar but needed...
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Posted for a mate, his words.... Right then,i have the opportunity to buy a rather special (to me) car, but to do so i would have to sell my coupe. I can lay my hands on the cash to buy it, but its under strict instructions that it would have to be put back in pretty short order (its the pay...
  3. On Topic
    hi all.i keep hearing about it,and i know theres pics on rr forum but my pc shuts down the web everytime i find the thread.can anyone post up some rusty pics for m,e.i heard its terminaly rotten which is a shame. thanks kookie:smoke:
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Sorry no longer For Sale He doesnt need to sell it anymore, thanks for all the emails pm's and calls. Hi Guys and Gals Got My mate Vince from the beaters, 29A chopped Sedan Body for sale. Its a bloody straight and good body. Before he got it, it was fully restored. NO RUST and i mean NO...
  5. On Topic Anyone know it ?
  6. On Topic
    Well I think its the best thing to happen to the Lambo what do u think :!:
  7. History Archive
    Whatever happened to this one, originally built by Billy and PFF. Two doored and painted by an Asian guy surname of Banten or something similar
  8. On Topic
    on some thread there was a guy who built a chopped kustom anglia (canted lights etc) many moons ago, been trying to find the thread on here with no luck, anyway been throwing out loads of mags today and came across the issue with the car on the cover, if you want it mail me your address and its...
  9. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Sold Thanks
  10. History Archive
    Hi, Does anyone recognise this Cresta/Velox/Wyvern as having been a road car. The roof chop and 2 door conversion are a bit much for just a banger car. Pictures were from 2006 at Mildenhall Bob.
  11. History Archive
    Can any one else remember the chopped Zeph/Zody that was on the circuit during the late 80s early 90s. I can recall that it had an excellent roof chop and looked pretty evil compared to a standard roofed saloon. The last time I saw it was at a custom show in Maidstone kent in the late 80s. Id be...
  12. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    FOR SALE. On behalf of a friend. 1971 Roof Chopped, Custom, 1200 Beetle. RHD. Taxed ( exempt anyway ). MOT. Full 4 seater ( im 6'1" & can sit in the back without my head touching the roof ). He has owned it 26 years ( building it on & off ). Finally decided last year to get it finished & on the...
  13. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD NOW SOLD Imported from California 2 years ago, Pro roof chop, Camaro front clip and rear axle, 283 Chevy with auto, new air ride kit, lots of parts - rubbers...
  14. Stuff - WANTED
    anyone got a chopped '32 screen and posts available?
1-14 of 14 Results