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    Hi Guys, i used to have chroming done by a company in Southend called Hockley Enterprises, long, long time ago.....does anyone know of any good chromers about in the Essex area? All the best, Di n Dave..(DJ)
  2. Tech Discussion
    Not having much luck getting hold of any stainless tube off cuts to make my wishbones. If i go for cds roughly what sort of price to get them chromed( 4 wishbones ) similar size to ysr ifs wishbones. My cups are stainless tho can these be chromed? thanks
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    Probably should have put this in the Tech section but wasn't sure.:) I am interested getting advice on places for getting parts Chromed in the Yorkshire / North Lincs area ? I need to get the Bumpers on my Buick re-done and would like to know who to get quotes from and who to avoid. I have...
  4. Tech Discussion
    I am looking to get some stainless parts polished including an exhaust this winter, and a few suspension parts chromed. I live in Chelmsford,Essex...Can anyone recommend someone local ?
1-4 of 4 Results