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  1. Tech Discussion
    Despite searching the net and forums, I can't seem to turn up any info on direct replacement air bags, for Jag clips.:roll: Maybe there is no such thing, but I'm sure I've seen them somewhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Having Jag clips fitted front and back, in my '54 AD...
  2. Chat
    Put my computer on this morning I'm with virgin media so its my home page,they do little video clips, anyway one showed a heads up display that projects on the windscreen that GM are working on fair enough technology moves on probably a good one PRESCRIPTION WINDSCREEN:wtf: I...
  3. On Topic
    Im looking for a supplier for the plastic clip/retainers that go through the coolant radiator,to secure an elactric fan,any idea's guys ?,Bry
  4. Chat
    Duel... The surviving Duel Truck...imagine driving this around on Halloween Bullit
  5. On Topic
    I see there is a lot of talk re tri chevs recently. Thought I'd continue it forward. Si, if this is inappropriate please remove. otherwise WACK UP THOSE SPEAKERS and watch this candy blue 56 haul asssssssss
1-5 of 5 Results