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  1. History Archive
    moondogs, dead or alive????????
  2. History Archive
    How many hot rod Clubs have there been in the Uk over the years and how many are still active today, post your Logo,s / Banners from past and present. Gade Valley Custom Club (not active now) a reunion a few years ago by some of the original members Outlaws Rod and Drag Club (active )
  3. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    The Tri Chevy Clubs Classic Journal.No.20 I think I printed up about 150 of No,20 well photocopied but of course they were all in black and white. So this is the first time any one has seen it in full Colour It sounds easy doesn't it four sheets of A4 paper printed on both side to make one...
  4. Chat
    Having not been in a mk11 zephyr/zodiac club fof a very long time, which is the best one to join now, for parts,social, and being friendly, which also have meets down in the south coast area etc. :?:
  5. Chat
    Right then, just on a little fishing trip really :tup: If you're a car club member (i.e. local club, pub meets & that kinda thing) then would you mind putting up some details in a post on here for me. If you can follow this format it'd be great :tup: Club Name - What's it called Area - i.e...
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    How many car clubs within a 40 mile radious os Swindon, ???
1-6 of 6 Results