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  1. Who are ya ??
    Hi Rods n Sods Members, We are specialists in Ceramic coating exhausts and thermally sensitive components to help reduce heat issues and aid in improving performance. If you have a question about the product, the service or the benefits of ceramic coating, please contact us.
  2. On Topic
    Can anyone point me in the direction of the company that was spraying aluminium onto headers? Trying to find a price before I just use a roller and a tin of dulux..... P:D
  3. Tech Discussion
    Following on from my previous thread on header coatings,I thought I'd let you know how I got on with Avanti Engineering in Tipton ( on 0121 557 1153.) I rang them up for a quote to hot ali spray a pair of headers for my small block. The guy quoted me £30.00 plus carriage to send them back to...
1-3 of 4 Results