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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    My Brother Stu had these to fit on his 57 but never happened ,then I was going to see if I could convert them to my Mk2 Zephyr or my sons Amazon but two things made me stop. 1 They are a bit long for both our cars and I would have to modify both cars too much. 2 They were special order from Spax...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Found this site if it helps anyone..... Cheers Rich
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Pair of double adjustable coil overs with springs. Poly bushes. Measure 8 1/2 inches from eye to eye. £80.00 07883534120 Could deliver to swap meet
  4. Tech Discussion
    Are Spax coil over's rebuild-able ................. as the ones i borrowed of the Mrs Pop for the Consul seem to be leaking :whistle: And dont want to throw them away if i can rebuild them (& Dont want my nutz hacked off either) :tup:
  5. Tech Discussion
    One of the many cars I'ev mangaed to break this week is Marians Figaro. :tdown: I had to do a brake overhaul followed by fitting new plugs ( started straight away ) and then rotor ,cap and leads at which point it refused to restart. I refitted all the old stuff and it still wouldn't start ...
  6. Tech Discussion
    hello all i pulled the dash clocks from my mk2 consul today to find the wire from the ignition switch to the coil is cooked , does anyone know what awg gauge it is or to replace it with (little voice in my head says 12 awg ?) im lucky no other wires cooked...
  7. Tech Discussion
    when thinking about setting up the rear end of a strip car, what poundage, from experience would be best, i know this is a general question with lots of varyations but would a soft spring be better than a stiffer spring or vise versa? for a lightweight brit car (the a40) im looking at about...
  8. Tech Discussion
    Now the snows gone and im getting bored, im out there driving over our local humps im getting fed up with the body twitch due to the panhard rod being at the angle. yep i could lower the mount on the chassis or raise the mount on the axle but it still leave's the extra room needed So im...
  9. Tech Discussion
    Hi all :wave: I’m fitting jag ifs to my steel coupe, Chevy 350/350 combo, I’ve seen the cobra people use coil over shocks mounted to the bottom wishbone and top to chassis bracket. My question is has anyone done this before? What make, diameter, length, and spring load have you used? Any help...
  10. Tech Discussion
    Lookin at maybe sticking adjustable coil overs on the mk3 cortina set up on my Consul..anyone ever heard of such a thing..?
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    Anyone got a good second hand ford v8 coil or info on where to buy a new one that will suit my engine.
  12. Tech Discussion
    stupid question but how can I tell if a coil is ballast resisted or not.
  13. On Topic
    I noticed that after I stopped my car last night and came back about half hour later to cover the car up I could smell it was a bit fuely. So i check the carb over in case it was leaking and I could see throught the sight plug the fuel in the secondary chamber was bubbling away (but oddly not...
  14. Tech Discussion
    can anybody tell me the coil spring rate for coilovers,fitted to modal a sedan,using 10"long and 2 1/2"id springs,at 20 degree angle,i bought 140lb springs but are too soft. cheers denis
  15. Tech Discussion
    Nearly have all the parts now for the Morris Viper and the one thing I'm short of that I'm going to buy soon are the coilovers for both the mustangII IFS and the 9" 4 Bar and then Wayne can get cracking with the first stage of the build. Any one had any experience with good / bad makes, models...
1-16 of 16 Results