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  1. Tech Discussion
    (only in this section cus its not hot rod related) Hi all, I have a citroen c1 (dont laugh) .... as my driving instructor car ... the gear change is stiff when cold, and sometimes you really have to force 1st gear to even get it in. ... but when it warms up its much better. My initial thought...
  2. Tech Discussion
    fitted a replacement gm400 in the daimler at xmas time,got it sat on the mounts and left it at that.just gone down the barn today to box it up fill with fluids etc.motor wont turn over,had a big screwy in the flywheel and broke the end off,got another screwy and after much agro and cursing got...
  3. Chat
    My TDI Disco is seriously suffering in this cold weather with mpg's and on average im down around 5-6 mpg. Anyone else notice a difference?
  4. Chat
    Anyone been out working on your rods in the last few days? I have found it be almost too cold to swap for the progress you make. There I am wearing 4 T shirts, 2 sweaters, a fleece aand then another sweater, gloves, hat, 2 pairs of socks and I am still fricken' freezing (and can't move thanks to...
  5. Tech Discussion
    I've got a dry but unheated garage is it to cold to paint 2K with this current weather? I live down south so we're not getting it as bad as some. Thanks for any advice. Paul
  6. Chat
    Apparently, as from next week, the Directory of Mobile Phone numbers goes live. All numbers including those belonging to children will be open to cold calling. To remove your number go here.
1-7 of 7 Results