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    FORD GRANADA CAPRI 2.8i COLOGNE V6 BIGBORE TUBULAR EXHAUST MANIFOLDS BRAND NEW | eBay just seen these are they worth it or shall i just get some made up ?
  2. Tech Discussion
    Ive recently fitted a V6 2.8i from a Granada Mk2 in to my MK3 Transit, but I'm having trouble getting it to fire on all cylinders. A bit of history: Ive had the heads off and fitted new gaskets and stem seals, as I thought there might be a gasket problem, re-timed, new leads, plugs, swapped the...
  3. Freebies
    Had been professionaly rebuilt around 5000 miles before we did a Rover transplant. I have been moving it around the Garage for about 10 years, too good to scrap must be useful to someone........... Should even fit the engine that mfp66 if giving away:beuj: Collect from Stockport (or an NSCC round)
  4. Freebies
    Had been profesionaly rebuilt 5000 miles or so, before tne engine swap 10 years ago, I have been moving it round the garage ever since! Should fit the engine mfp66 is trying to give away!!!!!:beuj: Free to good home. Collect from Stockport (or NSCC round)
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Good 2.8 V6 from capri 2.8i was freshened up with new rings bearings about five years ago but prob only done 3 to 4000 miles since with regular oil changes. Painted in blue with polished plenum chamber/inlet manifold.Sensible offers please,in Croydon area:tup:
  6. Tech Discussion
    Lookin to fit a lekky fan but the shaft on the pump is wayyyy too there another pump to fit with a shorter shaft..if not , would i be safe cutting the threaded end (viscous fan mount) off.., cant move the rad anymore forward..
  7. Tech Discussion
    Hi I have been offered a ford v6 engine it has only 2 exaust outlets on each side Is this the cologne and if so whats the best way to find out age and size Cheers Dez
1-7 of 7 Results