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  1. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Taxed and tested van, ex royal mail, in faded red pain work, needs a couple of patches for next mot in June, it has a few rust areas, but the drivers sill and behind the drivers door being the worst, 108800+ miles, will be a few more miles on as it will get used until sold. Brakes will need...
  2. Tech Discussion
    What's better 1) Domed piston and larger CC head. 2) Flat top piston and smaller head CC. Both will give the same cr
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Art Carr TH400 (BOP) and adapter plate for Rover V8. **MOTOR IS NOW SOLD** - Thanks to all who showed an interest. I STILL HAVE THE FOLLOWING FOR SALE: Custom Rover to TH400 adapter plate - BOP bolt pattern (Buick/Olds/Pontiac) - £100 Tranny: Art Carr built TH400 - BOP bolt pattern...
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    excellent condition low milage motor and box removed from a dayvan, circa 1982 vintage. van had only done a genuine 68K, but the wooden caravan-back style body was rotten from it being parked under trees for a lot of its life, hence it being broken. all works as it should, have had it running...
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I have a glass repro model T bucket heavily over engineered in a throwback 70's style bought on a whim and pushed into a corner. looking to swop it for a good running (proven) v8 set up must be complete from engine to rear axle. T is running a jag straight 6 3.0l with jag irs rear.
1-5 of 5 Results