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    Looks like they have taken on some of Boyds ex employees including everyones favourite Duane. (He was in the trailer for it the other night). :eek:
  2. Chat
    our most recent container has just been loaded in georgia by my cousin.the container has got a 59 appachee (the body came earlier),55 truck(only done 70,000 miles,two owners,and fitted with original 260 v8,rare,),a lovely nova,with a 468,glide,ford 9 etc etc.then theres lots an lots of parts,in...
  3. Chat
    well i didnt think i'd get back to owning another yank,but i've got one now!! all i'l say is its got a 383 stroker with twin holleys & 2doors & its tax free & a bit unusual!!:cool: the only downside is i might have to sell my amazons as the wife will kill me when it turns up!!:shake...
  4. Chat Stupid is as stupid does...:pmsl: You'll note it didn't really happen,but i wish it had of..
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    any ideas what to do while we are cut off from the real world..???:shock:
  6. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    Yes folks, it's that time of year. With that in mind, I would like to remind you that I sell pinstriping vouchers. You can buy a voucher for striping to give as a gift and get the striping done later. Vouchers are available in any amount you choose and are not time dependant (ie they do not...
  7. The Garage
    watch this space !! coming out from the championship winning team dog b*****x stable !! and body by nick connor @ NC Engineering in Reading rear axle donated by Winkle @ A4 metal Recycling narrowed by Sir Roy Wilding
  8. What, Where, When ? a town near you. The Cadillac Kings are a 40's & 50's styled R&B band. Some of you may have seen us at Wheels Day or the Nationals last year. Thought you might be interested in some of our upcoming gigs. 16/10...New Breedon Room @T.C's, Birmingham 17/10...Telford's Warehouse, Chester...
  9. The Garage
    Got to strip the zodiac for a complete re-spray, lots of grime in the car over the 40 yrs plus, but getting there, will be completed by wheels day next year, anyway that's the target. Roof & Bottom half now in paint :tup:
  10. Tech Discussion
    and its weeing me off,:sniff: the noise is a knock that goes faster when i go faster been through the back end changed the rear wheel bearings both sides,both sets,replaced diff oil with correct amount,no lose bolts around the calipers,there is one thing ive noticed with a little bit of play and...
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    What's everybody going to be up to then if you're not going to the Nats? I finally got the garden looking decent a couple of weekends ago & have just returned from a holiday paid in full by my wife so things are looking very much glass is half full at the minute [I'm sure it won't last!]. My...
  12. On Topic
    A single owner collection to be auctioned at the Petersen Museum on 26th Sept , see anything you fancy ? - I'll take the Briggs Chevrolet LS6 convertible :smoke: List isn't complete apparently so check back again.... ...
  13. On Topic
    Just a tip....Before you go home its my recommendation that you should always visit at least one Mexican swap meet which is a great place to get just about anything including mexican blankets and they always have a great selection of clothes and cool boots and shoes for rockbottom prices.
1-13 of 13 Results