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    Hello Rods n Sods Community, I'm a producer at Shine North Television in Manchester - we specialise in making automotive TV shows. We are in the early stages of developing a brand new car and bike build series and are looking to cast somebody in a lead role. We're looking for someone who...
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    Hello all, I have just had my remnewal for insurance on my truck, which last year was £81, this year they want over a hundred. 25% rise in a year, sounds a little excessive to me. Any recomendations on a good insurance company, for a non-rodded classic. Footman James is probably out, they insist...
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    Hi all, just thought i'd share the name of a great insurance company:eek: they are R H classic american in essex ,01277 206911 they've just insured my new toy for £170 less than 'Flux' quoted me & for better cover :shock: they were friendly & pleasent to deal with, & i would...
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    I currently have a company car, leased for me by my company. I pay for all fuel and claim back any business miles at the government rate (11 pence per mile at the minute I think). My car is up for renewal at the minute & because my annual mileage has dropped from 35,000 to around 22,000 I'm...
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    Can anyone give me so me pointers?:tup:
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    Hi I have just joined the site and I am looking for a turn key rod or running project due to time commitments, I have spoke with a guy another rodding site and he said nearest shop to me is run by Chris Addison his company is called Unique Custom Cars in Burton, which is down the road from me in...
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    who remembers this classic clip from the film Fast Company :shocked:
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    whos the best? palletline any good?
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    almost up and running,,a few things to sort out
1-9 of 9 Results