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  1. On Topic
    I'm trying to contact my local DVLA office (Nottingham) to find out when/if they are open next week so that I can go up & register the Chevy. The website gives the address & a phone number (0300 790 6802) but this is just a general DVLA number concerning licence applications & buying a...
  2. Chat
    A mate of mine has been trying to contact Rodbodies (Fenland), he's got two numbers for them but... 01945 482364 gives "number not recognised" and 01945 772714 says it can't accept incoming calls(!?) anyone got an alternative number they know that works? Cheers, Rich
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    as above please
  4. Chat
    hay james i have recieved a message to say u are trying to contact me ?..... (but i have not got any private messages) ,if so and u know who u are then send me another private message .....:D
1-4 of 4 Results