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  1. History Archive
    I'm going through some cine film at the moment and these shots are from Beaulieu 1973 of Bruce Egeleton's '57 in white. I know he ran it later when it was red/grey but did he have it in '73 :beuj:
  2. Tech Discussion
    A friend of mine has bought a 105E Anglia 1968 one of last ones made i think. They were Positive earth did the last ones be Neg earth. When he got it the man tried to start it turn over weak spark did not start. Any way my friend has the car at home and see the man had the Battary the wrong way...
  3. On Topic
    you just gota ask Why?? still looks like a lot of fun :D
  4. Tech Discussion
    hi got a ford pop fitted with a viva front axle, problem is its a 4 stud hub so im very limited to what wheels i can fit :tdown: , any one know how to change it to a 5 stud chevy fitment as thay have loads ah nice wheels to choose from:D cheers sparky
  5. Tech Discussion
    I am thinking of changing my car from 4 doors to 2 doors and I was wondering if I will have an legal problems with MOT or the DVLA. I haven't spoke to my insurance company either but I expect I may have some issues there too. Can anyone help me learn from their experiences. Cheers Martin
  6. On Topic
    as some of you may know im a vw bay owner, and for the past few months have been looking for my first bug project..... BUT recently a guy who lives in my street who buys and sells classic projects has just had a pop delivred to his drive:shocked: now im stumped as ive always been a bit of a...
1-6 of 6 Results