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    OH MY GOSH ive never saw a moggie like this and is it strange that i want it :tup::tup::tup: 1960 Morris Tipper lorry, 6 cyl diesel. | eBay
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    ok, how about your fav trucks ...... I'll start ! ...and finally ...this one belongs to my mate Benji ...
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    This bloke at work told me about this ad he seen for the Audi R8 SPIDER S0D THE SPIDER HAVE A LOOK AT THE RODS. u-tube Audi R8 spider' Very cool.
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    Doubt if this would be allowed over here (0fficialy)but would'nt it be just cool. :cool:
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    Found this whilst surfing, . ..... there's just something about it I like .... i have no idea what make or model it is even .... Anybody else think this is kinda cool, or got any simular pics ?
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    I thought that's Cool ….but after a min, I thought ......and :beuj: Bob……
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    don't know if this is the right place for this, i suppose i'll get told off if it isn't. this did amuse me, can't really tell if it's real or not, i like to think it is. also check out the good old boys in driving a toyota,
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    nicked from the hamb, love to get me hands on a roller and have a go!
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    found this guy, check out the stuff he does with bead roller, english wheel and stretcher/schrinker............. cool vids on that site. pascal
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    Just seen this on MTV. Hotrod Girl
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    nick'd from another forum:D never seen it before myself. also did'nt know you could watch full lenth films on you tube?
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    have a look at this the perfect rod run home :D
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    Following on from the Motown thread, here are some of my favourite Rod Stewart tracks, from a time when he was cool!! I can't find my bestest song on YouTube, but its "Italian Girls" Also did some good stuff with Ronnie Lane and The Faces
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    Follow the link its over on the HAMB.
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    check out the link to this place the guy is a buddy of mine,check out the antique showroom and the chicken coupes,thats where we used to sleep when i first met him years ago,it was bloody cold in the winter.he has got some cool stuff link cheers john
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    Look at the guy picking his nose,you can almost read his mind.Ummm rip the fenders off? Roof chop? Which ways Muroc?
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    I have to remark that a few years ago I was told that at an apartment complex in Hollywood an old lady still drove a mint original 55 chevy 2dr 150 sedan. I went to look at it and there it was, a gorgeous unmolested 55 150 ! Another time some 5 years ago here comes a white 65 Chevy Impala 2dr...
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1-20 of 47 Results