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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    now sold ,thanks
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Anyone got one thats looking for a new owner:)
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi all, I urgently need an Engine Oil Cooler for a 1994 - 2002 Range Rover P38 4.6 V8. This is the Narrower of the 2 x Coolers which is attached to the Radiator, the Wider One being the Transmission Oil Cooler. Please get in touch asap if you can help !. :bigsmile: Dave. :tup:
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Okay gang, So, here's some bits and bobs from my parts stash, all unused and in packs, must be of use to some-one ARP Ford/Chevy Flexplate 7/16" bolt set. Part Number 200-2902. Dean's knock down price: £6 SOLD ARP Waveloc Rod bolts for 400SBC. Part number 134-6402. Dean's knock down Price...
  5. Tech Discussion
    I have nt got enough room for my gearbox oil cooler at the front of my car[rover/bw65] i know its the best place for best airflow,but can i mount it sideways next to box ie on chassis
  6. Tech Discussion
    Fitted my new ally rad in truck now and it looks good! Also got a seperate 10 row Mocol oil cooler now to use for gearbox (th350)! I woz gonna fit it up front at the side of rad but read on here about fitting it up next to gearbox, never thought of that! Is there anything i need to look out for...
  7. Tech Discussion
    Those of you running b/w autos [ 35 or 65 ] what size oil coolers [ rows ] are you useing?
  8. Tech Discussion
    Hi all I will be running a 350TPI and a 700R4 box in my '41 Chevy, I have a B n M oil cooler that I would like to fit behind the auto box under the prop shaft so my question is will it provide enough cooling? or is it always better in front of the radiator. Cheers, Tony.
  9. Tech Discussion
    I'm not using the combined rad/cooler that came in the donor of the 302/C6 that I bought as it's dead. Thinking of going with a Mocal style one, what sort of size will be appropriate? The engine and trans aren't going to get any more abuse than street/cruising and the odd bit of heavy right foot...
1-9 of 9 Results