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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, Yesterday I got the radiator plumbed in in my mustang, it was running fine took it for a quick run up the road, not far, around half a mile, got back and the water in the rad was boiling, needless to say stopped the engine quickly. The electric fan didn't come on, removed the fan and...
  2. Tech Discussion
    how do you wire one of these up. i've only ever seen switches with 2 wires
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    i need a pair of these anyone ??
  4. Tech Discussion
    I went to the dump today and picked up a nice big Volvo cooling fan complete with the relay unit. As you can see in the picture this is a 2 speed job with wot looks like 2 inputs from different sender units to control the fan speed how would I wire this up so that it has the 2 speeds with 2...
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    17" electric slim radiator coolong fan. Cash waiting Cheers Bob
1-5 of 5 Results