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    right, im, looking for advice on couriers, i got a chevy 3speed in gravesend i need it in norwich, anybody recommend a courier service that has proven reliable in the past, i,m 50plus years old you wouldnt want me to throw it at you, but it seems to be a problem to your average van driver,[read...
  2. On Topic
    Asking on behalf of a friend. Can anybody recommend a good, reasonably priced courier that can collect 2 seat frames, MG size, from norfolk to southend ?
  3. Chat
    I need a complete suspension unit collecting from north of England and delivering to London. Who's best for cost / reliability? Thanks Paul
  4. Chat
    I want to send a bycycle appromimately 100 miles could I send it courier, do I need to wrap it ... and would anyone know roughly how much? Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results