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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    As it says chrome Milodon valve covers for a Ford 460, in good condition. £40.00 ono Phone Mike on 07775938402 Located in Suffolk
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Bought these in the States a few years back but never had a chance to fit them. Engine went in my '86 Camaro and we fitted an '88 engine with centre-bolted valve covers so these have just sat in a cupboard gathering dust. One of them got separated from it's packaging and has picked up a couple...
  3. Tech Discussion
    I know hot rodding is not insert tab A in slot B but.... Bit of back ground. Small block Chevy with an Edelbrock Performer Air Gap Manifold and PML Ally Corvette rocker covers. Well, the rocker covers do not fit. By not fit I mean the inlet manifold side fouls against the manifold runners...
  4. Chat
    after seeing 53catalinas thread it gave me an idea :tup: your turns :tup:
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    Need a pair of BBC gold anodised Moroso valve covers,Pm Me Bry
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    SBC Edelbrock alloy rocker covers, Tall type, will clear roller rockers, excellent condition, no damage, £50.00 "SOLD" email : [email protected]
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    1pr reproduction Thickstun-style flathead Ford cylinder head covers. They would need some careful fettling to make nice, but still cheaper than some original ones at £175 the pair Can probably get to the Swap Meet Please PM, or call Andy on 07920 584324 Thanks
  8. On Topic
    Any body know who makes fake Alloy diff covers for 9" Ford, not the big Quick change style,found Pete 'n' Jake one's but want finned type, bought one for a 8" but cant remember who from.
  9. On Topic
    I'm looking to get a dust cover for my '69 Camaro to keep the crap off it whilst working in the garage. Can anyone recommend the best place to get one from in this country? Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance, cheers....Nige
  10. On Topic
    My (small) garage is a workshop now, so my car's been living outside now for a year or so now and it's permanently damp. I'm thinking about getting a car cover to try and help. Machine Mart do these: Sounds like it does...
  11. Chat
    Guys,there's a racer (Pro et i think)usually at the Pod who sells good quality car covers,any idea's who/contact details ? thanks in advance,Bry
  12. Stuff - WANTED
    after 2x bench seat covers for 50s chevy
  13. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    This i think the Best cover of the old Tri Chevy Classic Journal 1980. I think Chris Allen may have done it. The Mole. IF:tup: you can zoom up on it look in the crowd say no more.:tup Might have to wait for pic photobucket not working.
  14. On Topic
    Does anyone know if you can get Buick Drum Brake style Finned covers for disc brakes here in the UK? I've seen them on Reids site in the USA, but wondered if they are available here? Cheers
  15. Stuff - WANTED
    pair of valve covers / rocker covers wanted to fit Rover V8. What you got?
  16. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Mothers mini powerballs £25 Cal Custom SBC Valve covers £80 ea Small Block Ford valve covers £120 Small Block Ford Polished Oil Pans £120 Brookville 1932 Steel grill shell £250 Ford 1935 16" wire wheels £60 each Ford 1940 dash with glovebox £220 Chrysler Hemi Exhaust gaskets £25 pair...
  17. Stuff - WANTED
    looking for a pair of chrome rover 3.5 rocker covers. cheers Andy:tup:
  18. Stuff - WANTED
    does any one have any of the above lying around ? maybe you have removed for some after market ones .. raise platform in the middle little v valley either side .. thanks again..
  19. Stuff - FOR SALE
    1x pair mt rocker covers as below ,good conditon sbc parrallel breather the one in the photo wil take 2 breathers £40.. sold
  20. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi has anyone got a pair of ally rocker covers for a cologne v6 thank you simon
1-20 of 21 Results