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  1. Tech Discussion
    Justed helped a mate out today and removed the cylinder head off his 1954 G.M.C pick up due to it being cracked (straight six), now on closer inspection we found that the crack has already been stapled and looks like very small pins filled the gap as well, now the question is can this some how...
  2. Chat
    Anyone know where I can get some cracked ice seat vinyl (or any other mad textures) in the UK? I know where I can get it in the States but if anyone has any leads here it would be appreciated. I don't need much to re-cover a 50s diner set. also need fairly thin stretchable black. Cheers Al
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hi... Just noticed a two inch crack in my rear side window, they are not winders, they are fixed in place with silicon. Dont how it has happened because the glass is new, is there anything that can be done with this? I know with perspex you can drill a hole but not sure with glass. Can anyone...
1-3 of 3 Results