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  1. Chat
    Hi all ash here was in a crash on sunday morning my car was T-boned on driver side and flipped and rolled me and my partner climbed out and luckily only had brusie's and cuts no broken's or missing's so make shaw u keep more aware at lights even if its a soild green for 15seconds like me...
  2. On Topic
    Did I hear right...someone said that a rod was written off at the Drayton this true and is the driver OK ??:S
  3. Chat
    I always wondered what a Red Arrows pilot would do if they got injured in a crash. After all there's not much that'd match up with the adrenaline levels. Well, it looks like the BBC heard my thoughts and did a feature on it ... spooky :scared:
  4. On Topic
    A woman spectator was killed yesterday at Firebird Raceway AZ after being struck by Antron Brown's rear wheel ... R.I.P. Another woman is in hospital with critical injuries after being struck by flying debris .
  5. Chat
    Not even a hint of panic in the Captains voice, top man :smoke: Capt. "Got any ideas?" Co pilot "Actually not."
  6. History Archive
    just scanned my dads photo album! here,s a few talk about right place right time got loads more i,ll put em up when i get a chance!!!
  7. Chat
    Waste of a lovely car.
  8. Chat
    Just stumbled upon this! its just like something out of a film!
  9. Chat
    I know it was a week ago but i just found this, 259 cars :eek:
  10. Chat
    You realise how big that fellas balls are when you see the final result. :shock:
  11. On Topic
    Just came across this on the web!! Thankfully he's alive!! don't think he was wearing seatbelt! Wonder if it helped or hindered!!? Probably hindered!!:cry::cry:
1-12 of 12 Results