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    gm performace parts 350 ramjet crate motor 350bhp 9.4.1 comp hydraulic roller cam 1.6 roller rockers vortec heads hypereutectic pistons fordeged rods 3/8 bolts ecm wiring harness coil plug leads spark plugs fluidampr flexplate £2750 paul 07919211033
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    As fitted to my motor when it came in... Never used *, complete with bolts, 50oz imbalance. Looking for £100.00 or best offer... Can be taken to the NSR* Northern Swap Meet to be collected, or can be shipped at cost... * Mine is an auto...
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    Mew Chevy S-10 5 speed transmission with shifter PRICE 690 e-mail [email protected]
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    Forget Smart cars - motorised beer crates are the way forward :tup:
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    Crate engines look great for the money, compared with a full rebuild of your old one. Are they all there cracked up to be ? Theres load of tales of getting them here & there nothing but trouble, but is it just hearsay ? Any feedback, good or bad ?
1-5 of 5 Results