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  1. Tech Discussion
    My Mother has a PT Cruiser. The problem with it is the speedo needle is not lighting up. So, if she goes out when it is dark she doesn't know what speed she is doing. When she asked the local dealers they said bring it in and we will have a look - £80 please!! :wanker: Does anybody know how...
  2. Chat
    Anyone here into them. Not lowriders but older cruiser bikes. Thinking of getting one as part of the health kick and after any UK sites that may hold parts etc. Cheers Dan:tup:
  3. On Topic
    Guys I am half thinking of driving over to the peterbgh show Sun. Is anyone else going? Still not read anything to confirm the gate price on the day? Ant that bench seat is going to fit a fu**ing treat in the 32, unless someone comes up with a good looking pop before I get time to fit it...
  4. On Topic
    Hi Guys some pics from last nights meet,Thanks to all who came along.:cool: Dean Good to see Paul in his A
  5. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    I'll be sad to see this one go and if I had more space it wouldn't be going anywhere but a '64 C10 shortbed fleetside caught my eye (thanks Martin!) and now I need some space. I imported it myself in October 2006. It looks like this: It has a huge amount of history with it including copies...
  6. On Topic
    Some pic's from last night's meet thank's to all that came.:tup: Dean
1-6 of 6 Results