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  1. Chat
    Hi I posted a few weeks ago about vw based lotusmere buggy kits from the swinging sixties. I mentioned one of the company founders owned the car that donated the engine sound to the car in the film "Vanishing point" I am doing a deal on the car as we speak and am interested to know what adds...
  2. History Archive
    Now updated with pics and Reg Mustapha Errol's '70 hemi Cuda Convertible racing at the Pod in the mid '70's. AME465H And one pic of one of the two race '71 Cuda's that the Rose Brothers put the Hemi into that they took out of the convertible.
  3. The Showroom
    heres a couple of my lil old 71 Cuda, had her now for over 20 years. Not exactly matching numbers....:D Too much to list, thought pictures would expalin a lot easier Cheers, Mark . . .
1-3 of 3 Results