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    Saw this in a well known store & thought of some of you guys out there, go on don't be shy they sell it by the case load, i'm not into in at all :puke: :lol:
  2. On Topic
    Anyone seen this? Seems to occur in Sweden every year. Format appears to go like this: 1)People meet at an undisclosed location (usually a motorway) in the wee small hours 2)Spectators park their vehicles across the motorway to stop anyone else using it 3)Hardcore streetracing takes place 4)The...
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    WHAT A DAY!!! That was a perfect day of football!
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    as new 225 tyres -low profile £200 brand new vag master cyclinder £30 porsche 944 front hubs and calipers £100 944 turbo front hubs £100 -will fit vw van spindles, as have been modified 965 porsche 964 turbo discs udes £60 - 322mm 996 rear discs used £30 2 litre subaru engine £200...
1-4 of 4 Results