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  1. On Topic
    OK as requested on the ex vanner thread with a title pinched from AlanN here we go. Building a new van or restoring an old one put your pics and build up here........................ Dave.
  2. On Topic
    Not just what but more importantly ...why ? What draws you to the style of motor that you are currently building , not just " I wanted a rod /custom/yank/sod " but what appealed to you about the particular style ? My latest ,due to start next year, is a trad style A modified . " Style" because...
  3. The Showroom
  4. The Showroom
    a lot of people will know my old austin somerset paurchased in 93 and under went a total rebuild between 1998 and 2000 and i sold it in 07.. my current ride is a 96 astro van which has been repainted .. work on both was done at c w motors in droylsdon manchester.. steve
  5. The Showroom
    In my intro, I posted my rides, but here they are again. 1936 Ford Pickup - just finishing this up today actually & will bring it with me to the UK when I move there next month. It's got an 8RT mated to the original driveline, converted to 12V, SBC dizzy, 7.00x16 rears/5.50x16 fronts...
1-5 of 5 Results