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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    2 bolt main chevy 454 cut out , £750.
  2. Chat
    had a power cut this morning at 6am and it came back on at 13:37 no kettle no heating so done a bit of reading. Jack
  3. Tech Discussion
    does any one know where i can get some door glass cut for my truck it is flat ,,:D
  4. Chat
    got a pop in this week that has got fixed pespex windows and ive got to change back to wind up ones . i need to get some glass for it so need to find someone local to me that can cut to size when i template it , the pop is chopped but didnt know if i could get away with original pop glass ...
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Exhaust cut outs complete with all parts required, never used 3 inch inlet and outlet £110.00 07795814783 Stu
  6. On Topic
    I know someone was making Cortina suspension kits using lazer cut parts but who was it? I need a spacer making to move the headers 1/2" away from the head on my sbc to clear the clutch mechanism, unless anyone has a better idea.... P.:D
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    hi all, i need some flat glass cut, i have cracked glass for a template and i am in newcastle. any help will be appreciated! thanks all [email protected] 08008247641 please PM me or call or e-mail. i may miss a message on here!
  8. Tech Discussion
    Can anyone recommend a good make of metal cut off disc, I have tried so many, lost count of how many were crap :tdown: ie breaking - bits missing - taking for ever to cut. Don't paying over the top for decent one's. Cheers Bob
  9. Chat
    Hi All, This is a bit strange as it is nothing to do with cars hence in the chat section, I need to find somewhere in the Peterborough area that is able to cut glass. I have a display cabinet with a broken shelf and a broken glass panel, I need these replacing, it houses my hotwheels collection...
  10. On Topic
    i am thinking off cutting roof of my volvo amazon lowering window screen and making carson styel roof.i have 2 lengths of 3x2 box that r going 2 run up side of sills under u think this is anouth strength or wil i have 2 fit more strength.thanks 4 any advice
  11. On Topic
    I bought a pair of these while in the States, just picked up the car after fitting, wow what fun :D Pretty impressed with the build quality on these, CNC'd from billet, they are from Pypes over here: They come with a nice rocker switch that...
  12. Tech Discussion
    Allo all you techies. I need to cut off my fuel tank filler neck, weld a plate over the hole and cut and weld the filler neck in a different place. Worried in case of a big BANG!!!!!.:shocked: Any suggestions etc would be appreciated please. Or does anyone know who would do this for me on the...
  13. Tech Discussion
    dose any one know of a company in london that would be able to cut some louvers in a 5ft x 18" sheet of stainless i want 6 about 5" long please help thanks
1-13 of 13 Results