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  1. The Showroom
    just a few pics of my 55 pop. runs a 1600 x flow and a viva front / mk1 cortina rear. bought as a non runner last august. just got it tested for drayton 2010. what do u think?
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    now that my dad has got buyers for the two cars it is now time to go through the shed 5 of 13" cobra slots £100 the set 4 of 7x13 plus an odd spare 2.8 special capri £50 the set found 2 more so 7 wheels for £50 1 of 15" chevy wheel with excellent tyre £15 3 of capri tail gates all good no rust...
  3. The Showroom
    first off my mums ford mustange 351 my dads camaro with a 632 big block chevy in it, it origianlaly came out of the black and silver 55 chevy he had which is currently having a twin turbo engine in it there are some more about and if anyone is interested i will put some more pictures up...
  4. Chat
    wanted to get my dad something different for christmas and after talks with a top artist i found on here call jez r he come up with this he was made up with it and would like to say thanks again to jez r and if anyone is after out doing i high recommend him:tup:
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    it has been off the road for a few years now and as the workshop was empty and i had itchy fingers i have now got my dads 289 capri lazer in there , now heres the things i need but i dont have a fortune (nothing really) to spend , i need ...... a pair of used v8 small block ford headers to fit...
1-5 of 5 Results