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  1. Vehicles - WANTED
    I'm currently looking for a Dodge a100 window van ideally. Also interested in ram van (circa 70s, 80s for classic insurance) or decent size estate (Volvo Amazon) suburban, station wagon. To be used to travel to shows, carry trade stall stuff, and sleep in relative comfort. Oh and I'd like to use...
  2. Who are ya ??
    Hi guys, new to the forum and the scene! The reason I am here is that I am thinking of buying a Van. It's been described as a 'Chrysler Dodge 1989 Day Van', although it doesn't really look like any other ones I have seen. Was hoping you might be able to shed some light on it for me. It's got a...
  3. Chat
    Lisa accidently dropped her phone down the toilet !! from her back pocket.. anyway .. we got a tupperware sort of dish, actually an old takeaway one, took off the back of the phone, took out the battery, buried the battery and the phone in the rice making sure it had a layer of rice at the...
  4. Chat
    hello all any one got any pics of dayglo twister 1 witch became mr mopar i think, ford pop ,cheers Andy
  5. Chat
    With all the talk of this country being shite,people emigrating and the state of politics,you start to wonder if theres any future living here........ Working up on a roof today,sat on the ridge having a cuppa and a smoke and realised this countries not too bad :D
  6. Chat
    Hi Sat morning early 6ish,Chevy packed so head of to meet Billy and Pat in the 58 and Bobby G (or Robbie as some of you know him) in his A . Meet the Boys at 7.30 and head off ,great drive down sun all the way(anyone else ever notice the minute you hit Gretna the Road is mint)and cruisin to ZZ...
  7. Chat
  8. Chat
    Can i just say a big thank you to all the allied forces who bravely fought for our freedom .
  9. Chat
    Happy Star Wars Day to you all...
  10. Chat
    :sniff:Had a bad day to day burnt out my inverter that runs my polishing machine lath and mill changes 240 single phase to 3 phase clever realey but bad news when they burn out it was a trans wave static type quit old, Am i right in thinking the new type have a motor on them now? Any one know...
  11. Chat
    Happy St Georges day all :tup:
  12. Chat
    Saw this the other day while taking a bus load load nursery kids to a garden centre. Is it anyone on here?
  13. What, Where, When ?
    Hi all, sorry its short notice but there is an open day at Brookspeed International in Southampton on this coming sunday (18-4) the owner is a total petrolhead and loves everything on 2 and 4 wheels, all details are on his website, you can even put your car on the dyno if you...
  14. Chat
    If toast always lands butter side down and cats always land on thier feet, what happens if you strap toast to the back of a cat and drop it?
  15. What, Where, When ?
    Anyone care to swell the numbers with a few 'age related' rods and Yanks ? The CVCM & CCVC Invite you to a Charity Classic Car Fun Run along The Historic Route of the original A12 on: 25th April 2010, National Drive It Day Driving along original roads that our classic cars would have used...
  16. On Topic
  17. On Topic
    I was wet as most of you already know , but it was fun , what else would you be doing on a wet Bank Holiday ?????
  18. On Topic
    was this one. Forgive it it's slightly not quite right wheelbase and IFS (and that is no slight on the owner at all) but i'm certain it is a 27T body on a herald chassis, with all the the stock running gear. very simple and very effective. anyone know the owner? I would love to have a chat with him.
  19. Chat
    Guy had a large gazebo for sale at wheels day,it was on the left hand side just at the bottom of the hill,it was £100 anyone know if it sold or who was selling it,cheers Paul:tup:
  20. On Topic
    ..there would have been more, but it started to rain...!
1-20 of 100 Results