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    Ok this is not a rant even though it could be, how many self employed/ small businesses people are there on here,i run with my mother and brother a small skip hire and haulage company when i say small there's only us left, there were 7 of us last year,this week had to go to a meeting on the...
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    This Blue 405 estate starts fine with a puff of blue smoke but been like it for the 3yrs i've had it and never let me down, Drives fine but you can't polish a terd!!!! She ain't pretty but she drives, great work horse. Spent £300 on mot in Dec but since then had a light bang with a tractor and...
  3. On Topic
    just a plug for a mate if thats ok, but anyone going to the hayride dont miss the fantastic demon drome wall of death these type of things are always worth suporting as in this era of h&s who knows how long were be able to enjoy these old school atractions, so try and get along and make it one...
  4. On Topic
    A 46 yr old man has died at Salt Week!! He lost control at 200mph!! Hope its the last accident there!!
1-4 of 4 Results