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  1. Vehicles - WANTED
    Wanted 1958 chevy station wagon or sedan delivery or similar... as the title, looking for something solid, maybe a project or a full runner In the U.S. or in the U.K., no engine or box not a problem ANYTHING CONSIDERED. call - 07970625689 or just pm me
  2. RnS Parts Relay Service
    Hi, I've just bought a new front Screen for my 68 Mustang from a fellow MOCGB forum member way down in Kent. It is currently at his premises somewhere in that area, It needs collecting and bring up to Yorkshire anywhere within a 40 mile radius of Scarborough would be nice. It's not urgent as I'm...
  3. National Street Car Challenge (NSCC)
    Hi all. I'm Dave McCallan from Billingham in Teesside and I run a Rodshop '1929 A Delivery powered by a home built 468" chevy big block with a GMC 6/71 blower. I've owned and evolved this same car for over ten years now with only the main body and doors now left of the Rod I bought. I've had my...
  4. History Archive
    While going through my old pictures I found this, was probably taken in the late 80's, anyone know anything about it ?
  5. Chat
    Does anybody know of a company that will deliver a large-ish parcel (model a cab) to Northern Ireland and doesn't want an arm and 3 legs for doing it? Bit stuck.
  6. On Topic
    Just been talking to a guy in Canada who appears to have been scammed by a 'supposed' UK seller of some 55 Chevy SD parts. Putting that aside does anybody here know of somebody that may have broken a sedan delivery at some time and has any rear tailgate supports/sliders they can sell. I know...
  7. On Topic
    Same scam as earlier in the year,except this time it will cost you more! You arrive home to find a postcard from PDS,the Parcel Delivery Service, suggesting you were out when they tried to deliver your parcel. They ask you to phone 0906 6611911 to arrange delivery/collection..... this is a...
  8. On Topic
    As title, duck egg blue approx '56, shell with some black graffiti on it on the back of a Transit recovery this morning.It looked in good condition , one of the directions it could have been heading was a scrap yard near by !
  9. Chat
    whos the best? palletline any good?
  10. Chat
    An unusual mode of transport as Chevy Vega's are loaded vertically on freight trains for distribution to the dealer network... Pics credit to Adam82 at
  11. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    See here for details ....
1-11 of 11 Results