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  1. What, Where, When ?
    After the sucess of last Septembers Run to Brighton I thouhgt it might be a good idea for a spring run. There is already some guys and gals from Surrey/South London up fpr this so who wants to join us. It's going to happen on Sunday May 23rd. (M25 users please see note at bottom). The first...
  2. What, Where, When ?
    Hi Got some details together now for the event on the 8-9th May Admission £5 Running £35 for as many runs as you want (timing tickets after every run ) Camping is free (donation to air ambulance would be nice) Starts 10-30am - 5.00pm both days ( not stops for lunch) Camping is at the White...
  3. Chat
    As the title says....... which sites do you use if buying a used vehicle. ? ( i bought a very good ringer 6 years ago and had it taken back ) HPi was useless as wasnt the vehicle it preported to be.
  4. History Archive
    Hi Folks, This Pop was mag featured mid 80s' and was imported to Ireland in 1986. Vitesse front, Ford V6 and Jag rear, It lost its moon hupcaps and the saxaphone boot mural, back then. Has just been bought by a buddie of mine who plans to bring it back to its former glory. Anyone know who...
  5. On Topic
    I'm trying to contact my local DVLA office (Nottingham) to find out when/if they are open next week so that I can go up & register the Chevy. The website gives the address & a phone number (0300 790 6802) but this is just a general DVLA number concerning licence applications & buying a...
  6. What, Where, When ?
    Hello all, I've just updated my website for ROMSEY'S ANNUAL CLASSSIC CAR & BIKE MEET with a detailed map showing the new larger show area & recommended public parking areas. If thinking of coming along, please be sure to check out this map & classifications. Hope to see lots of you there...
  7. On Topic
    Several people have been asking for more details of the custom car show this weekend, the promotors have not appeared to have done a great job of letting punters know the important stuff, like where it is? entry cost? opening times? Neil Rodgers passed these details to me today; the east of...
1-7 of 7 Results