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  1. On Topic
    I just wondered how many people on this forum have the Perkins Prima engine in their rods, apart from myself in a 51 Chevrolet pick up, there is a Bedford CA being built in the Garage section with the same engine and L'm pretty certain that I've seen a Pop or a Morris Minor with the same engine...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Looking for a crankshaft for a GMC 6.2 diesel V8 or a complete 6.2 or 6.5 Diesel V8 engine. Thank for looking and thanks for the ad' Clive 07710 623045 or PM me here. Email [email protected]
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    any one have an engine for a cherokee jeep , year 2000 , i think it is a vm diesel but i have yet to pick up the car ,cheers vin:tup:
  4. On Topic
    OK I know I'm a twat....a mahoosive twat....yep I fell out of the twat tree, hit every twat branch on the way down and landed in the twat puddle....then went up for a second go!!!! went to the Griff do this morning then popped out in the rod to get Jay a new tent.....putting £30s worth of juice...
  5. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    This belongs to my Dad who's had it for a couple of years, it was my wifes for a few years before that. 1800 turbo diesel LX 5 door hatchback, taxed 'til the end of March, MOT 'til November. It's Petrol blue, a sort of bluey/green pearl, new parts recently fitted include, front discs, pads &...
  6. Vehicles - WANTED
    Asking for a mate. He's looking for a cheapish diesel small van to use as a daily, what have you got? Probably best to PM me as I'll forget I've put this on here.
  7. Chat
    guy near me that collects the scrappage vehicles has a running/driving full size Blazer he will sell parts off. It's in Bovingdon, Herts, can supply the number to anyone interested. it wont be there long. This isnt a trade ad and the vehicle is nothing to do with me!
  8. Stuff - WANTED
    im looking to convert my dodge camper to diesel, looking at a yank diesel out of a pickup or van also need auto box to suit. taking 360ci v8 and 727 box out (box fully rebuilt 300 miles ago) so possibly deal on that.
  9. Tech Discussion
    ...feel free to delete if deemed to unsuitable. Peugeot XUD diesel engines.Would an originally non turbo variant be happy having the turbo and fuel pump from the (obviously)turb`d motor bolted on?Is it up to spec internally to handle the extra boost?Or are they the same anyway? Thanks in...
  10. Chat
    Just heard from a friend that Vince had an accident last night, 'vin likes diesel' on here, apparently he tripped/slipped? while locking the yard gate at his workshop he landed on his arm, managed to drive his car, auto thankfully, to his brothers house nearby, 'hurtz' on here, went straight to...
  11. Chat
    I just picked up an old Engel Rebell 2.5cc diesel engine and would like to get it going , anywhere on line I can find a service manual and parts ? . Cheers, Ron
  12. Tech Discussion
    Has anyone out there converted a petrol v8 chevy or GM car van or truck to diesel v8 power? I'm thinking of doing a swap in my G30 van, I know the gear box(th400) will fit also not worried about exhausts and engine mounts but don't know about what electrics will be required . I also know that...
  13. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    GMC PICKUP TRUCK 1979 DIESEL TRANSIT ENGINE AND BOX, runs and drives well. motd by COLTEC CLASSICS NEW MOT NEW PAINTWORK (not conquers, but not bad either) MOTHER OF MASSIVE REAR WHEELS N TYRES 295's like new. Metallic GREEN ! Dash £3950. or best. 07968 005420. john .
  14. Chat
    having been a loory driver for some years ive always used diesel, i also have diesel cars, years ago it was a lot cheaper than petrol over the years it got dearer and dearer, i no petrol has as well but last year it was about 13p a litre dearer than petrol, ive now noticed its only about 1p...
  15. The Garage
    Well , just thought i would start my new thread on here with a big hello to all. There is a reason that i have been quiet for a while which is unusual for me but i have not seen my escort for a month or so as it is with a mate of mine, in his workshop to be precise getting its new paint. We did...
1-17 of 17 Results