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    just took the plugs out for a clean looks like a clean break, it was a bit awkward to get to,perhaps i should have used a spanner like i did on the other bank. that will teach me for not leaving things alone. Jack
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    just sold on ebay (friend in america)
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    Didn't do anything with my Camaro yesterday but I did do some stuff to my mate Darrans recently acquired '67 Mercury Cougar. It was a bit of a plain jane in just white, so I added some Trans Am inspired graphics & painted the hood with a satin black stripe. Not bad for 3 1/2 hours work, what a...
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    yep , you guessed it , the sun has moved:D
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    Another Top weekend with Friends and a Saturday cruise with a difference - hope she was good Terry!!! Thanks to all involved
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    i have done a few mods to my volvo but in my eyes it still looked a bit short/ today i messed about the chrome strip down the side and extended it so it runs to end of front/rear wings.i think it makes car look a lot better
1-7 of 7 Results