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  1. Tech Discussion
    Looking for tips for building a simple, budget system for my truck. It’s got a 350 with ram-horn type manifolds, but nothing beyond that. I have zero equipment (or talent) for bending/welding, so can I collect parts off the shelf to cut/join/etc to suit (without resorting to that flexi stuff)...
  2. On Topic
    Local powder coating place charge £50 a wheel to have it blasted and coated. Most of the cost is for the blasting. I've a set of wheels to do, so I'm thinking maybe I'll do the sand blasting. Anyone out there do this themselves? What do I need? Is the sand/media expensive? How big a compressor...
  3. Tech Features
    FIRST OFF I'm not saying this is the only or best way of doing it ,just what worked for me.Secondly,I'm crap with a camera,crap with a computer and so,please bear with me! STUFF REQUIRED Drill press,engineers square,permanent marker,steel rule,wire brush approx 7/8 inch dia,jubilee clip,leccy...
1-3 of 3 Results