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    Please DONT get this moved into the adult only bit, just wondered if anyone else had a good mate in their garage
  2. Chat
    there is still time to save walthamstow dog track from demolition. write with your objections to waltham forest council before the 16th feb if you can. if you are on face book add walthamstow stadium as a friend ,click on it for more information and/or down load a draft letter to send , please...
  3. On Topic
    This morning the postman delivered this: Which means that this is now fully legal: But sadly this is my road as of ten minutes ago: I have to admit that the whole process went smoothly using Nottingham DVLA. No inspection required and tax disc, MoT (showing new reg) and a number plate...
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    looking for any dog squad club pictures , evening time at any of the shows years ago pm me for my email
  5. The Showroom
    57 project,see my album for updates...
1-5 of 5 Results