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  1. History Archive
    latest gallery update on my site from Graham Martin.........:tup:
  2. The Shelf
    Thought these may be of interest, most of them started out from kits. These 2 are not mine but I wish they were! Some pics and videos from MrC Slot Drags meet. Cheers Steve D
  3. Chat
    Hi Sat morning early 6ish,Chevy packed so head of to meet Billy and Pat in the 58 and Bobby G (or Robbie as some of you know him) in his A . Meet the Boys at 7.30 and head off ,great drive down sun all the way(anyone else ever notice the minute you hit Gretna the Road is mint)and cruisin to ZZ...
  4. Chat
    Some nice stuff there today with quite a good turnout. The weather was off and on a bit with a couple of light showers dampening the track but nothing too bad. A fuel leak stopped the Jet Car running for a while but they managed to get it fixed later in the afternoon. It was good to see Shogun...
  5. On Topic
    Saw this on the Hamb.......apologies if it's been on before but there's some really good stuff here...
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    hi.. I've got a nice set of Centreline auto drags - Aluminum - 15x8 and 15x3.5. i've listed them on ebay, although most of interest will come from this site :) good luck bidding if you're interested.
  7. On Topic
    Live coverage from Bakersfield Famoso Nostalgia Drags ... enjoy
  8. On Topic
    chopped capri and mg magnette -pop
  9. Chat
    just won this little lot off ebay... not sure the the link to pics will work??....:( hope so theres some belters!!.. :D...
  10. History Archive
    Theres some great old dragracing footage appearing lately on the UKDRN site- check it out :tup:....
  11. On Topic
    Some real good stuff here if you are into muscle cars.
  12. On Topic
    Hi, well I've been interested in slingshots for a good few months now and as my frist project i'm going to be working on more of a homemade slingy, completely out of scrappy parts mainly. Over time i will be saving up parts here and there, at the moment i have slicks/tyres and a differential...
  13. History Archive
    Some action from Avon Park 1994 when I was running my "Honest Charley" slingshot with Bob Nixon's injected Chevy motor fitted. Bob and myself were taking it in turns to see who could keep the tyres boilin' the longest :D
  14. Chat
    just found a load on this is the site run by steve,one of the resident photographers at the track. if you want a pic of your car at the drags it will more than likely be on here as i found roughly 96 pages dedicted to the event..type in nsra sept into the keywords...
  15. Chat
    Hi Took some photos, hope you guys enjoy. Reply and comments appreciated. Yeah , I love the Gassers... I have a fair few more to upload, so If you were there and took your car... might just have a shot of ya :) Ask. Thx Jo
  16. Chat
    Ive been watching drag racing for a long time now and I think one of the things that is missing from the smaller events is the drag teams that work on the tightest of bugets, with a scatch built chassis and rover V8. Now I'm not saying that alot of teams are not feeling the financial pinch, but...
  17. Chat
    A weekend of playing around doing stuff that I dont normaly do . . . . oh and taking photos :rolleyes: enjoy
  18. On Topic
    Vroooooooooooooooom blat blat blat One day this lens will pay for itself.....maybe Laurent getting the shot.....good man!!! and i know it's not a rod.....but you gotta admite those sleak lines!! and the rest are here...
  19. On Topic
    Not sure if I`ve done this right!
  20. Chat
    Hi all, I love the shows and also drag racing thats why the hot rod drags is my favourite event of the year. I have one improvement idea though. Not everyone with rods can get to race or wants to race, but it is a shame their cars stay by their tents. My suggestion is to mark off an area...
1-20 of 36 Results