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    Would love to see some video
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    the hot rods and muscles there sounded great and if anyone owned one of the mustangs then please tell me the colour and what type as i saw quite a few and wonder if i would recognise any of them.
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    Did I hear right...someone said that a rod was written off at the Drayton this true and is the driver OK ??:S
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    Just a few i've uploaded, took over 1400 today ... :shock: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
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    Just a few pics from Drayton today Dean
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    we have just got back from drayton manor and what a good show it was fantastic turnout of cars / vans etc.. a few pics to start will add more later tonight. also a pleasure to meet some more rods'n'sods people to name a couple roadrunna and liam.. please feel free to copy or use any of the...
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    Where's the Drayton pics; is 'Henry' there? Can't get while Sunday!
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    If anyone is going to Drayton Manor from the kent area read my requested thread in the parts relay section please,and see if you can help. Thanks Jack
  9. Vehicles - WANTED
    Anyone going to Drayton with a rod to sell ??
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    who 's all going? ...just filling in the form now, pre entry ends on the 30th... best put a first class stamp on it:eek:
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    Does anyone know how much the entry price for the NASC Springnats for a normal public punter? Can't see any such info on the NASC site.
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    For those of you like ourselfs who like to camp on the top camping area at Drayton Manor, it is no more, has been flattened today in readyness for a 150 bed hotel, I am involved in the material supply so been on site today - the good news is the new area at the bottom is nice and dry despite the...
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    starts of slow
  14. What, Where, When ?
    have the dates for drayton manor been said yet only i am trying to sort out my time off work thanks derek rainy city
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    hi anybody know how much its going to cost to get into drayton manor this year starting to do my budget for the year :tup:
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    sorry if you've been flooded out with pics from Drayton and are bored solid of them by now but meh. Here's my contribution. I took looooooads. Here's the (slightly) edited highlights.
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    Had a cracking weekend, heres some of my favorites
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    My daughter jumped in the Nova with me for a run down the straight at the Curborough sprint track and thought it'd be cool to film it, did she do well?
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    Only took the little 'point n press' camera, so not the best quality, but here's a few from lining up for the cruise on the Saturday morning:
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    Who took home the prizes, and anythin new out?
1-20 of 27 Results