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    HELLO rodders i think this is a ace song to drive your rod with if u cant beat it add it to the thread
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    1)We have just taken on a contract at work to maintain and which involves driving whats called a tug, now basically this is a small H.G.V lorry with a 5th wheel that tows trailers around the docks, the roads are for public use but on private land, they are not taxed or m.o.ted so dont go on the...
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    Ive decided to finally learn how to drive. My provisional runs out in 2012 so I thought id do it before having to get a new one! What im after, does anyone know of any good driving instructors in the Romford area of Essex? Many thanks.
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    couple of quick Q's Whats the deal? legislation etc of driving stateside if its not a hire car/ like if its yours? say you buy a car out there and want to drive it about befor having it shipped back to uk? Anyone got any info?
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    Have you ever realised how long you have been driving and what distance you have covered ? The car Iam using at the minute has a more intricate on-board computer than before. After playing with it for a while , I set some parameters. I set off to work yesterday morning , 13 miles, did a bit...
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    Don't forget, they're only valid for 10 years (and that doesn't get topped up if you change address). Just checked mine out as it's coming up to 10 years since I got my photocard one. D'oh. Despite getting it in April 2000, surprisingly it was only valid until 10/12/09 :beuj: Anyway...
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    It's cold here but no snow, thought I'd do some work in the house instead of playing with the cars. Tools are all down in the garage but I can't get to it as I simply can't walk up the sheet of ice that is now my driveway :shock: I just saw on the news about the coach crash down Hayle, you all...
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    here' a game i played with as a kid...who else had this
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    Change of underwear needed after this one.
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    If you have young drivers in your family, this is worthwhile showing to them... Think for life There is a " NEW " public information film that has been released entitled " Cow ", it follows the life of a 17 year old girl through her daily tasks and shows the result of texting whilst driving...
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    Looking at possibly tubbing the wifes Mustang & fitting a 4bar setup with coilovers. Does it ruin the drive quality for street use ? Are they still useable on the road or is it rattly as hell and only going to end up in spinal injuries ? The bars are currently fitted with rose joint rod ends...
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    Has anyone ever driven down that way? Any probs/pointers for the trip? How is Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia these days for political unrest, bandits etc? Cheers, Stew
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    that award has to go to a friend on mine well clued up on mechanicals, builds a pop from 84 till 92 chevy smallblock tube axle, live rear end, looked great but it drove crap, noisey, really uncomfortable even by rod standards, engineering was fine , he is well versed in suspension design, but...
1-13 of 13 Results