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  1. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    TOYOTA HIACE PANEL VAN - 1975(P) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rover V8 P6 3.5 Holly Carb Mk 2 Granada Ghia Brakes & Front end 3 Speed Auto Column Shift Five hole alloys (185/60/14 front & 205/60/14 rear) Tow Bar MOT July 2012 Sound System ~~~~~~~~~ Panasonic DVD Head Unit Kenwood KAC5201 amp FLI...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Hi, i have a 1956 Ford F100 truck with a 1976 Ford 302 and C4 from a passenger car. My 1976 C4 has a serious oil leak and as it keeps on hunting between 2nd and 3rd doing rough changes at 30mph; it's time for a rebuild. I have recently bought a second old C4 off ebay (from essex) and am going...
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    Drag Racing DVD's - From Hot Rod Drags To Pro Mod To Outlaw Flat Fours. Great Selection - Ready To Ship From UK. Low Postage Check Out Our Site HERE
  4. Chat
    Had the day off from the workhouse today so decided to catch up on some of the dvd's that are occumilating in the cupbaord, also gives me a chance to try the new scanner. found this one.The Illusionist realy good story, good acting from Edward Norton and Jessica Beil I won't tell you anything...
  5. Chat
    dont think they will, but can you get them converted?
  6. On Topic
    is the nasc nats dvd out yet,or may-be soonish?:pcnoob:
  7. Chat
    the postie left this!
  8. Chat
    Just watched the new "Kustom Photography of George Barris" DVD, and I must say it's bloody marvelous.Contrary to what the title might indicate,there's something for everyone,be they Kustom fan,rodder,biker,pinstriper or just interested in car history.George raps with larry Watson,Brad...
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Santa Ana Drags. -- Early hot rod and 50's drag racing, great footage £10 + P+P SOLD Jackson Bros Nostalgia Wild -- Coverage of 90's Nostalgia Meets, doorslammers, gassers, fuel coupes, nitro diggers £15 + P+P SOLD Sparkys Ape and The Geezer Glory Days -- Footage of 60's altered to...
  10. Chat
    going cheap at Amazon Two-Lane Blacktop [DVD] [1971]: James Taylor, Warren Oates, Harry Dean Stanton, Laurie Bird, Dennis Wilson, Monte Hellman: DVD
  11. On Topic
    when will the 2009 nats dvd be on sale.
  12. On Topic
    anyone out there know if theres gonna be a dvd of the hayride? or if anyone has plans too make one? there were shit loads of people with camcorders there,perhaps just for home movies,but some did look very profesional. would be great if someone put one together,i'd sure grab one.
  13. On Topic
    the wife brought me in a dvd from the pound shop !!! (pound land) "sorry its not a blue one" the history of hot rods the definative story thought it would be a load of crap but turned out no to bad worth a pond on a rainy day. runs for about 30min Wally Parks & ?? peterson the bug think...
  14. History Archive
    Do you remember the series Road Dreams. It was cine film taken on a trip across the USA about 1969. It is now on DVD got a copy last year it is good. Here is the link.
1-15 of 15 Results