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    I'm in the process of building a new utility room and downstairs loo. The washing machine and dryer have been outside on the verandah for almost 18 months. They are now nearly ready to be installed. Finished the plastering today. :) Also started the new patio with all the York flag stones I've...
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    recently ive had reason to think about how much people earn an hour, being self employed i dont actually get paid an hourly rate, but i do charge an hourly rate. this has kind of come round due to some rediculous prices quoted by 'tradesman'. my mother had a quote for a replacement fuse board...
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    Well do ya.........:shake: Bob..
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    just been reading a thread on the HAMB about what people do for a living....diverse to say the least... so what do you do?? Me...what do I do?? Biometrics Manager for UK Borders Agency.....basically we take fingerprints and facial matches then check details with various data...
1-4 of 4 Results