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    My god was it cold, and a cross wide + parachutes make for a whole load of fun! anyway down to the pics 1. 2. 3. 4 Loads more and my thoughts process behind it all on my blog
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    What a weekend for me and the other insane boys. we started the weekend on a high with the reception the car got. soon to be overshadowed by the obvious damage that the gearbox had suffered. After pulling the box from the car we found that the high gear clutch drum(second gear) was eating the...
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    Just a few picks of todays Easter Bonnet Parade....We Had a Enjoyable Afternoon, Top Class Motors and plenty of grub :smoke:......Enjoy!!:tup::tup:
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    anybody heading down to the a127 diner/ southend tomorrow..if its dry i might take a trip down...jim:tup:
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    And it was at this time of year during the darkest days of christianity that as he was nailed to the cross and raised up for all to gaze upon his tortured and twisted body. He looked down wearily at his twelve apostles and speaking softly with his last gasping breath said unto them...
  6. What, Where, When ?
    does anyone now anything about this meet on easter monday saw it on thier web site
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  8. What, Where, When ?
    Iceni Easter Bonnet Parade Easter Monday, 5th April 2010, From12 noon at Hollywood Legends diner on the A47 Lynn Road, Swaffham, Norfolk, PE37 7PZ. Phone: 01760 722345 Come along and have a burger with Elvis, Charlie Chaplin or even Marilyn Monroe! We will be leaving the Ram at Brandon at...
  9. What, Where, When ?
    i cant wait for thunderball, i have never seen MSA drag racing before and its also teamgridlocks first time out with the new updated "go hard or go home" topolino fuel altered anyone else going? i no dusty is coming and crewing for his other half in her camaro and the fadster will be out in his...
  10. What, Where, When ?
    Realised that no-one else has listed this show so thought I would do so...I saw it mentioned on the Whitby Kustom board last week. YANCS (Yorkshire American Car Club) will be holding an easter bash at Fort Paull near Hull over the easter weekend - 2nd to 5th April 2010 I've been on the Sunday...
1-10 of 10 Results